The Integrated Student Program (ISP) is established by the United States Parachute Association to standardize solo skydiving training across the 3 major methods: Static Line, Instructor Assisted Deployment, and Accelerated Freefall. (Abbreviated: SL, IAD, AFF) The ISP is broken up into 8 categories, A thru H, with each focusing on a set of air skills and book knowledge to gain. Upon the completion of each category, a jumper should take the Category Quiz in order to progress to the next Category. For convenience, we have put the quizzes here on our website. When you fill one out, a copy of your answers will be sent to the instructors. We'll follow up and discuss anything you might have missed.

Helpful hint: You can read information pertaining to each category in the Skydiver Information Manual (PDF) which is updated every other year by the USPA.


Category A Quiz

Category B Quiz

Category C Quiz

Category D Quiz

Category E Quiz

Category F Quiz

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Category H Quiz