Category G Quiz

The following questions are taken from the Skydiver Information Manual (2018). The basic goals of Category G are

  • two redocks from ten feet without assistance
  • two redocks requiring an adjustment in fall rate
  • break off at the planned altitude without prompting
  • track 50 feet within ten degrees of the planned heading
  • four maximum-performance reverse canopy turns
  • two unassisted landings within 20 meters of the target
  • one complete pack job without assistance
  • spot the aircraft, including all procedures, without assistance
  • read USPA recommendations for tree landings, SIM Section 5-1.F
  • read USPA recommendations to experienced jumpers for automatic activation devices and reserve static lines, SIM Sections 5-3.F and G
  • read USPA recommendations for canopy collisions, SIM Section 5-1-H
  • read USPA recommendations regarding weather, SIM Section 5-5
  • read USPA recommendations on group freefall skydiving, SIM Section 6-1
  • read USPA recommendations on breakoffs for free-flying groups in SIM Section 6-2.E.5
  • read FAR 65.125 through 133 on performance standards for parachute rigger privileges, record keeping, and seal requirements
  • read FAA regulations for packing main and reserve parachutes, FAR 105.43.a and b
  • read FAA regulations for maintaining automatic activation devices, FAR 105.43.c

All category quizzes are intended to be administered prior to conducting jumps in the next category. Please fill out the quiz below. A copy will be sent to your instructors, and we'll review Cat G topics as needed before continuing to Cat H.


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