Category H Quiz

The following questions are taken from the Skydiver Information Manual (2018). The basic goals of Category H are

  • two swoop and docks with minimum assistance
  • break off at the planned altitude without prompting
  • track 100 feet within ten degrees of the planned heading
  • two cumulative 90-degree front-riser turns
  • two cumulative 180-degree front-riser turns
  • total of five unassisted landings within 20 meters of the target
  • disassemble, perform owner maintenance, and reassemble three-ring release system
  • remove and replace or adjust a main container closing loop
  • study USPA recommendations on unintentional water landings (SIM Section 5-1.F)
  • study USPA recommendations on recover from low turns (SIM Section 5-1.I)
  • review the breakoff recommendations for groups in SIM Section 6-1
  • skim FAR 105.13 to overview radio requirements for jump operations
  • study FAR 105.15 and AC 105.2, Appendix 1 (prior notice requirements before jumping)
  • skim AC 105.2, Appendix 2 (aircraft approved for flight with door removed)

All category quizzes are intended to be administered prior to conducting jumps in the next category. Please fill out the quiz below. A copy will be sent to your instructors, and we'll review Cat H topics as needed.


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