Category B Quiz

The following questions are taken from the Skydiver Information Manual (2018). The basic goals of Category B are to

  • have 3 successive exits with stable practice deployments within five seconds of exit
  • understand and plan a descent strategy from opening to pattern entry
  • steering with clearance procedures without prompting
  • safe landing within 30 degrees of heading into the wind
  • understanding routine canopy problems and the correct responses
  • read SIM Section 2-1.F covering student training jumps
  • read USPA recommendations on parachute malfunctions and procedures, SIM Section 5-1.A through .E

All category quizzes are intended to be administered prior to conducting jumps in the next category. Please fill out the quiz below. A copy will be sent to your instructors, and we'll review Cat B topics as needed before continuing to Cat C.


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