Category E Quiz

The following questions are taken from the Skydiver Information Manual (2018). The basic goals of Category E are

  • cumulative two successive disorienting maneuvers with stability and altitude awareness recovered within five seconds
  • cumulative one barrel roll, one backloop, and one front loop
  • one self-supervised freefall
  • unassisted landing within 50 meters
  • complete open parachute system orientation
  • RSL orientation
  • correct calculation of the opening point given simple wind conditions
  • active participation with spotting procedures on jump run
  • review BSRs on wind restrictions for students, SIM Section 2-1.G
  • read BSRs on exygen requirements for jumps above 15,000 feet MSL, SIM Section 2-1.M, also FAR 91.211.A.3
  • read USPA recommendations on dual ram-air deployments ("two outs"), SIM Section 5-1.E
  • read USPA recommendations on reserve static lines in SIM Section 5-3.F
  • read USPA recommendations on altimeters in SIM Section 5-3.J
  • read FAA Part 91 sections found in SIM Section 9-1
  • read and discuss with an FAA rigger FAR 105.43.a and .b on parachute packing and supervision requirements for packers

All category quizzes are intended to be administered prior to conducting jumps in the next category. Please fill out the quiz below. A copy will be sent to your instructors, and we'll review Cat E topics as needed before continuing to Cat F.


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