Category C Quiz

The following questions are taken from the Skydiver Information Manual (2018). The basic goals of Category C are to

  • make one stable clear and pull ("hop and pop")
  • two stable 10-second freefalls
  • control within 5 seconds of exit
  • stable, relaxed fall
  • ability to dampen turns and heading drift using "altitude, arch, legs, relax"
  • wave-off and pull at the assigned altitude
  • fly a recognizable pattern with minimal assistance
  • flare with minimal assistance
  • understand how to plan and adjust the landing pattern for wind speed and direction
  • review BSRs on equipment required for student jumps SIM Section 2-1.L
  • study FAR 105.43.b.1 (SIM Section 9-1) regarding the requirements for periodic inspection and repacking of reserve parachute systems

All category quizzes are intended to be administered prior to conducting jumps in the next category. Please fill out the quiz below. A copy will be sent to your instructors, and we'll review Cat C topics as needed before continuing to Cat D.


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WL = Your weight including gear divided by the square footage of the canopy