Tandem Jumps

Regular price: $210

Group Discount (4+): $195

Tandem Video Packages

Video Package (Inside video*): $55

Video OR Photo Package (Outside**): $75

* Inside video means your instructor will be wearing a wrist-mounted camera.

** Outside means an experienced solo skydiver will jump alongside you and your instructor and take photos and/or video. Outside video is subject to videographer availability. Let us know you are interested when you reserve your time so we can try to have someone available.

Static Line Course (Solo)

First Jump Course: $170

First Jump Course after Tandem: $120*

*Discounted rate is for those who have made a tandem skydive with us.

The first jump course includes the first jump and gear rental as well as club dues for the semester.

Student Package (Solo)

Student Package (covers jumps 2-6): $161

The student package covers 4 static line jumps ($39 each) and your first freefall ($5). Essentially, $28 off a $189 value. As with all student training jumps, gear rental is included. To be clear, the "Student Package" is not just for college students but for anyone learning to skydive with us.

Subsequent one-on-one training jumps average $45. Exact prices depend on altitude. See our Solo Training Pricing for details.