Read below for answers to common questions that we get about jumping for the first time.


Do you offer tandem jumps?

Yes we do!  Tandems are available almost every weekend.  See our Tandem page for more info.  Get in touch at to schedule your jump.

Can my friends/relatives come out and watch?

Absolutely!  We encourage spectators to come watch.  Remember that this is an airport, so please watch your children.  Bringing pets out is discouraged, but if you do, please keep them on a leash and away from the parachutes on the packing floor.  Most importantly, keep your children and pets away from the propellers.  If you walk into a propeller, you will die...never happened here, but let's keep it that way. :)

What qualifications does KSUPC hold?

The Kansas State University Parachute Club (aka Skydive K-State, Skydive Kansas State) is a group member of the United States Parachute Association (USPA), the national governing body for skydiving in the US.  We teach using only USPA certified instructors following USPA safety regulations.

We use only commercial rated pilots, many of whom are also certified flight instructors.  

Our airplane and equipment meet and exceed all FAA and USPA guidelines for skydiving operations.  All of our reserve parachutes are repacked every 180 days by an FAA certified rigger, even if they are not used.  Your safety is our primary concern.

Can I bring alcohol out to celebrate my jump?

No consumption of alcohol is permitted on the airport while we are skydiving - even if you are done jumping for the day.  After the day is over, join us in Abilene for dinner and drinks.  Joe Snuffy's and La Fiesta are the club's usual post-jump hangouts.

I'm currently taking medicine, should I jump?

We are not medical experts.  If you have a question regarding your fitness for skydiving, please consult a doctor.  If you are under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or narcotics you will NOT be allowed to skydive.


What type of clothing should I wear?

Weather appropriate clothing with tennis shoes is best.  Boots are fine, but please do not wear boots with shoe lace hooks as they can be a snag hazard.

How much training is there?

You should expect about a 10-20 minute discussion on aircraft safety, proper freefall body position, and landing procedures.  Since your instructor is handling the important stuff, there isn't much to stress about.  Try to show up about half an hour before your scheduled jump time to complete waivers and meet your instructor.

What time do I need to be at the dropzone?

Typically half an hour before your jump.  You are welcome to show up sooner if you'd like to hang out and watch the experienced jumpers.

What if my parachute doesn't open?

All of our instructors have several hundred, if not thousands, of jumps.  For every one of their jumps, their parachutes have opened.  In the extremely rare event that there is a problem with the main parachute, your instructor will release the main parachute and deploy the reserve parachute.  Scary as this may sound, there is a large margin built into every skydive for this very possibility, so even a main parachute malfunction is not a big deal.  Chances are excellent that your skydive will be flawless.  Parachutes are designed and packed to open, and that's just what they do.

This reserve parachute is packed every 180 days by a FAA certified parachute rigger.  You can feel safe knowing that you have two parachutes with you on your jump to bring you back down from soaring in the clouds.

Can I go again?

Yes!  (...if time permits.)  Otherwise, you are more than welcome to schedule another jump or signup for one of our Static Line classes if you'd like to get your solo license.

Static Line (Solo Training)

What if the weather or something else prevents me from jumping on Saturday?

We will try to inform you of the next available opportunity to make your jump.  As a solo student, it is your responsibility to find a time to make your jump, and it is important that you jump as soon as possible after the class.  Generally, we jump every weekend that we have good weather, and static line instructors are almost always available.

Send an email to to find out about instructor availability or ask us in the Facebook group.

You can also subscribe to our email list to get any jumping news announcements or view these announcements on the Jumping News page.

What time will I jump?

Usually, you will make your jump between noon and 5pm, but we can't guarantee an exact time.  It is possible that you may have to make your first jump on another day due to weather, aircraft maintenance, or some unforeseeable event.

What is included in the $175 First Jump Course fee?

The $175 covers the cost of your instruction, your first jump, rental of the student gear for that jump, and club dues for the semester.  There are no additional costs required for you first jump.

Note: subsequent training jumps average $49.  You can get your license in as few as 25 jumps.  We offer a package for jumps 2-6 for a total of $171, gear rental included.

How long is the First Jump Course?

The first jump course is held in two parts:

You will jump later Saturday so long as weather conditions are safe for first jumpers.

Where do I attend the Friday portion of the First Jump Course?

The classroom portion is typically held at the KSU Student Union from 6 to 10pm on Friday.  After you sign up, you will receive an email with the location details.  You can also find the location on the Facebook event specific to your course date.

How much will it cost to retake the class?

If you have not made a jump within the last 30 days, you will have to retake the Saturday morning portion at no cost.  However, if it is a new semester, you will need to pay club dues.

If you have not made a jump within the last 120 days, you will need to sit through the entire first jump course.  There will be no retrain charge. However, if it is a new semester, you will need to pay club dues.

If you have not made a jump within the last 180 days, you will need to sit through the entire first jump course and pay a $20 instructor fee.  Since it is also probably a new semester, you will need to pay club dues as well.  Any jumps on your account will still be there.

How do I sign up?


Are there restrictions on who can jump?

Anyone can jump as long as you are at least 18 years of age and weigh under 220 pounds.  These restrictions are both for legal reasons and more importantly, your safety.

Do I have to attend the Friday night session?

Yes!  If you do not attend any portion of the class, you miss out on your training.  Therefore, you would not be allowed to jump until you have completed all of the required class work.  Remember that the deposit is nonrefundable if you miss class.