Skydiving is the thrill of a lifetime, but for some, the thought of jumping solo is a bit intimidating.  Tandem skydives are performed with you securely attached to a USPA certified tandem skydiving instructor.  All you have to do is enjoy the view!

If, after your tandem jump, you decide that skydiving is the sport for you, we offer a $50 discount on our solo first jump course to those who have made a tandem jump with us.

We offer tandems almost every weekend, but it's always best to schedule ahead of time.  If you are interested, please contact  Upon request, we can send a videographer (subject to availability) along with you on your jump to capture the moment.

Weight Limit

Due to legal limits associated with the FAA's certification of skydiving equipment, the total weight of potential jumpers, their instructors, and their equipment must be less than 500 pounds.  Generally, this means you must be below 220 pounds.  If you are at or just above this limit, shoot us an email to see if we can accommodate you.

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Tandem Exit

Launching a tandem out of the skyvan at our 50th Anniversary Boogie in 2014.