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The tandem skydive is our recommended method to experience the sky for the first time. With less than an hour of training, you will be ready to make your first skydive!

What is Tandem Skydiving?

On a tandem skydive, one of our USPA-certified instructors will guide you through the jump from exit to landing. As the student, you will wear a harness attached to your instructor's harness at each shoulder and each hip. Your instructor's parachute system has two parachutes, each supersized for two people and capable of safely bringing you back down to earth. All you have to do is enjoy the view!

You'll have the opportunity to deploy the parachute at 5,000'...or you can leave that to your instructor. Once your parachute is open, you can help steer it. Whether you want a wild ride or calm and gentile one, it's your choice. Coming in for landing, your instructor will take over for a soft, on-target touchdown.

If, after your tandem jump, you decide that skydiving is the sport for you, we offer a $50 discount on our solo first jump course for making a tandem jump with us.

We offer tandems almost every weekend. Walk-ins are welcome, but it's best to schedule a few days ahead of time to verify instructor availability. If you have a date in mind or have any questions, feel free to contact tandem@skydivekstate.com.

Video Packages

You have 2 options to capture your tandem skydiving experience:

  • Inside Video: $55
  • Outside Video OR Photos: $80

Inside Video - Your instructor wears a wrist mounted camera, capturing an "inside" selfie-style shot of your jump.

Outside Video/Photo - A freefall videographer will join you and your instructor on your jump, shooting from just feet away.

If you are interested in a video package, give us a heads up when you book so we can ensure a qualified camera flyer is available for you.

Weight Limit

Due to legal limits associated with the FAA's certification of skydiving equipment, the total weight of the student, the instructors, and their equipment must be less than 500 pounds. Generally, this means you must be at or below 220 pounds. The tandem student harness is designed to be adjustable to fit a wide variety of body types. That said, the final determination will be up to the instructor and is made in the interest of safety, both for you and for us. If you are at or just above this limit, shoot us an email to see if we can accommodate you.

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Consumer Warning

We do not partner with 3rd party booking agencies. If you call a national toll free number, you are not talking to Skydive K-State. 3rd party booking agencies may advertise lower prices, but there's no telling where they will send you to make your skydive. Skydiving centers that accept such low discount deals have to push high volume just to break even, often overworking their staff. With Skydive K-State, you won't feel like just a number. We will take the time to train you well, pack your parachute carefully, triple check our gear, and answer all your questions. We have standards. You wouldn't shop around for the cheapest Lasik eye surgery. Why would you pay for a discount skydive?

Tandem Exit

Launching a tandem out of the skyvan at our 50th Anniversary Boogie in 2014.