First Jump Course: $170

First Jump Course (after tandem): $120

Coached jumps:

  • Static Line: $44
  • Practice Throw: $44
  • First Freefall: $5
  • 3,000ft - 5,000ft: $39
  • 6,000ft: $41,
  • 7,000ft: $43
  • 8,000ft: $45
  • 9,000ft: $47
  • 10,000ft: $49

All coached jump prices include our $5/jump gear rental fee and one-on-one instruction with a USPA certified Coach or Instructor.

For self-supervised, student (unlicensed) skydives, refer to the experienced jumper pricing, adding $5/jump for gear rental.

Student Package: $161

The student package includes 4 SL/PT jumps and 1st freefall. May be purchased after completion of 1st Static Line jump.

It is essentially $20 off a $181 value. ($39 * 4 + $5 = $181)

To be clear, the "Student Package" is available to anyone learning to jump with us...not just college students.

Packjob: $5

Included ONLY in the Static Line / PT jump price. We help students learn to pack their own parachutes and encourage learning this skill early. Usually, the first jump a student makes on their own packjob is #6, their first freefall.

Club Dues: $25 per semester or $40 per year

Club membership is required to jump as an non-licensed skydiver. Club dues are included in the price for the first jump course.