Static Line Signup

Static Line First Jump Course May 3rd-4th

Location: KSU Student Union Room 209

Capacity: 15

Sign Up Deposit: $50

This is the beginning of your journey to becoming a licensed skydiver. The course fee ($175) covers 6 hours of instruction by USPA certified instructors, gear rental, and your first jump. Subsequent training jumps towards your license average $48 and are done on a one-on-one basis. The class is divided into two sections: A classroom portion on Friday evening from 5:45pm - 10pm at the KSU Student Union Rm 209, and 2 hours of ground training Saturday morning at the Abilene Municipal Airport. By the time you make your first jump (about noon Saturday) you will have the knowledge you need to safely exit our aircraft, pilot your own canopy, and make a controlled landing. If you have any questions, email us at Must be 18 years old and under 220lbs. You do not need to be a K-State student. $50 deposit required to hold your spot in the class. Blue Skies!